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Trust&Will is an online legal platform that helps you create a will and other estate planning documents with ease. Our intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily understand the legal language and guide you through important decisions about your future. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable and simple estate planning, which is why we offer our services at an affordable price. Ensure your loved ones are taken care of by turning to Trust&Will for all your estate planning needs.

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1. What is Trust&Will?|
Trust&Will is an online legal service that provides individuals with an easy way to create a will and other estate planning documents online.
2. Can I create a will through Trust&Will?|
Yes, you can create a will through Trust&Will. The service offers a variety of options to help you create a customized will that meets your needs.
3. What other estate planning documents can I create through Trust&Will?|
In addition to a will, you can also create a range of other estate planning documents through Trust&Will, including a living trust, power of attorney, and advance healthcare directive.
4. How does Trust&Will work?|
To use Trust&Will, you simply sign up for an account, answer a series of questions about your estate and your wishes, and the service generates the appropriate legal documents for you to review and sign.
5. Is Trust&Will secure?|
Yes, Trust&Will takes security seriously and uses industry-standard encryption to protect your information and ensure that all documents are stored securely.
6. What if I have questions or need assistance while using Trust&Will?|
If you have questions or need assistance while using Trust&Will, the service provides access to customer support via phone, email, or chat.
7. Can I update my will or other estate planning documents through Trust&Will?|
Yes, you can update your will or other estate planning documents at any time through Trust&Will. The service makes it easy to make changes and updates as needed.
8. How much does Trust&Will cost?|
Trust&Will offers a range of pricing plans to meet different needs and budgets. The cost depends on the specific services and documents you need.
9. Is Trust&Will available in all states?|
Trust&Will is currently available in all 50 US states.
10. Why should I use Trust&Will?|
Trust&Will provides a simple and affordable way to create important legal documents that protect your assets and ensure your wishes are carried out after you pass away. The service is easy to use and offers access to professional legal support when needed.

Trust&Will is an online legal service that offers users the ability to create wills and other estate planning documents. Here are some things you might not know about this innovative platform:

1. Trust&Will offers a range of services

Trust&Will isn’t just for creating wills. The platform also allows users to create various other estate planning documents, including living trusts, powers of attorney, and guardianship nominations. This makes it a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to make sure their affairs are in order.

2. It’s affordable

One of the main benefits of using Trust&Will is that it’s significantly cheaper than hiring an attorney to create your estate planning documents for you. Prices start at just $89 for a basic will, which is a fraction of what you might expect to pay for traditional legal services.

3. It’s easy to use

Creating a will can be a daunting prospect, but Trust&Will makes the process straightforward and user-friendly. The platform guides users through each step of the process, from selecting beneficiaries to appointing an executor. It also offers helpful resources and tools to help you understand the various options available to you.

4. You can update your documents at any time

One of the advantages of using Trust&Will is that you can update your documents at any time. This means you can ensure that your estate plan reflects any changes in your circumstances or wishes. The platform also offers a subscription service that allows you to update your documents annually for a small fee.

5. It’s secure

Trust&Will takes data security seriously and uses industry-standard encryption to protect users’ information. The platform also stores all documents securely and provides users with access to their files at any time.

In summary, Trust&Will is an affordable, user-friendly, and secure platform for creating estate planning documents online. By offering a range of services and the ability to update your documents at any time, Trust&Will is an excellent solution for anyone looking to take control of their affairs and ensure their wishes are respected.

What is good about Trust&Will?

User-friendly interface that makes creating a will easy and stress-free

Comprehensive tools and guidance to help ensure your will is legally sound

Affordable pricing options that help you save money while still getting the services you need

Ability to update your will at any time, ensuring that it always reflects your wishes

Reliable customer support that is available whenever you need assistance

Trustworthy and secure platform that safeguards your sensitive information

Convenient access to legal expertise without having to leave your home

Simple and straightforward process that takes the guesswork out of creating a will

Customizable options that allow you to tailor your will to your unique needs

Peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be protected according to your wishes.

What can be better about Trust&Will?

Limited customization options for will and estate planning documents

Unclear legal language and terminology used throughout the process

High fees compared to other online legal service providers

Limited customer support options and slow response times

Lack of transparency regarding legal expertise and backgrounds of team members

Technical glitches and errors during document creation and submission

Limited options for storing and sharing completed documents securely

Difficulty navigating the website and finding relevant resources or information

Limited scope of services beyond will and estate planning documents

Lack of clear guidance on how to update or make changes to existing documents.

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