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Discover Stoic, the modern meditation and mindfulness app to cultivate resilience, reduce stress and

Well Principled

SEO Specialist: Unlock your potential with Well Principled, the comprehensive online health and well

Gym Genie

Personalized workout routine generator.

Practice Interview

Revolutionize job interview prep with Practice Mock Interview with AI, a free, anonymous and AI-powe

This Job Does Not Exist

Explore potential career paths in STEM cell archaeology with This Job Does Not Exist. Get an overvie


Napkin simplifies collaboration for teams with its secure, cloud-based platform.


Harness the power of AI to get personalized, effective exercise routines with FitForge.


InterviewGPTai helps job seekers prepare for interviews with confidence. AI-powered tool provides re


Grow small business with Inspo! Access experts' library of content, videos, podcasts and more to get


Reach your goals with Socra - the AI-powered platform providing personalized guidance and inspiring


Transform your health and fitness with Getactyv – the AI and computer vision powered platform tail


Transform your career with EyeVisor: AI-driven career development platform for personalized advice a


Get personalized career advice and tailored job search experience with Wade & Wendy, the revolutiona


Tailored mental health counseling companion.

Taskheat AI Assistant

SEO summary: Maximize productivity with Taskheat - the AI-powered task management assistant for macO


MikeAI is the perfect AI fitness coach, providing personalized nutrition and workout plans tailored is an AI-powered career guidance tool designed to help individuals make informed decisions


Furwee: AI-powered conversational tutoring that makes learning fun & easy. Interactive & personalize


Highly accurate audio-to-text transcription solution.

Make My Workout

Create tailored fitness plans with Make My Workout, the AI-driven tool from CNP. Our personalized wo


SEO summary: Take your career to the next level with Wingman - a revolutionary service to help you g


Unlock your potential with Adaptiv Academy: AI-powered daily lessons, reminders and NFT profile to h


DecisionMentor is the perfect assistant for sound decision-making. AI-powered with interactive inter


Achieve your dreams and goals with DreamFace, a powerful yet user-friendly app. Easily create person

Apo AI

Apo AI is a machine learning platform providing healthcare providers with automated treatment pathwa

Thinking Toolbox

Unlock your problem-solving potential with Thinking Toolbox. Our unique digital platform provides in

AI Interview Coach

AI Interview Coach is an AI-powered tool to help individuals prepare for job interviews. Get persona


Mental health exercises for anxiety relief.


Document summarization and answering assistant.


AI WOD is the perfect solution for personalized, efficient workouts tailored to your fitness level.


Track progress and optimize gym results with LiftzAI - an AI-driven fitness app. AI-generated progre


HeyMind is a unique learning platform combining classic wisdom and modern psychology with personalis

Bad Cook Club

Become a master chef with Bad Cook Club. Our easy-to-use platform provides step-by-step instructions

Insight Journal

Gain insight into your workflows with Insight Journal, an AI-powered tool that makes it easy to trac

Habit Driven

Boost your goal-setting with Habit Driven - an AI-powered mobile app to help you build healthier hab


SEO summary: Unlock rewards and build resilience with SuperBetter, a revolutionary app designed to h


Find the perfect AI for your business quickly and easily with Huru. Our intuitive interface and comp

Adaptiv Academy

Grow your professional skills with Adaptiv Academy: an online learning platform with interactive vid


Empower women to manage fibroids with TranquilFibroids' comprehensive approach.

Atomic Habits GPT

Atomic Habits GPT is an automated, gamified tool designed to help you achieve positive habits and br


Yoodli helps businesses grow customer base, increase sales & engage customers with powerful tools &


It provides personalized career recommendations based on an individual’s interests, skills, and va


Trainual is an easy-to-use platform for businesses to quickly onboard, train and manage employee kno


Track physical activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep and more with HeiaHeia - a comprehensive health