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Create professional-sounding songs in minutes with BeatBot's AI-driven tools and easy-to-use interfa


Audio track separation and remixing.


Discover the best music experience with Musixmatch. Access millions of songs and lyrics, create play


Discover the perfect soundtrack for any mood or moment with Maroofy, your AI-powered music companion

Boomplay Music

Discover the ultimate digital music streaming platform: Boomplay Music.


Soundframes is an intuitive music-making tool that helps musicians of all levels produce high-qualit

Wash Your Lyrics

Create meaningful artwork with Wash Your Lyrics! Choose from a range of designs and colors to custom

AnthemScore by Lunaverus

Create professional sheet music quickly and accurately with AnthemScore's AI-powered music transcrip


Create perfect music tracks with TuneFlow's AI-assisted composition tools. AI technology makes creat


Create high-quality music with SongDonkey - AI-powered music production platform.


Create music with ease using Musico, an AI-driven software engine. Generate copyright-free music wit


Cosonify is the ultimate tool suite for songwriters and music producers, offering Researchboard, Ide

AI Song Generator Music Maker

AI Song Generator Music Maker is an intuitive platform that provides a range of features to create m

SEO summary: Craft unique sounds with's music production tools. Professional-quality samp

Auto Ye AI

Generate Kanye West-inspired lyrics quickly and efficiently with Auto Ye AI.

Voicemod Text to Song

Transform your words into music with Voicemod Text to Song. Customise your song with AI-powered tool


Discover millions of songs from around the world with Deezer's 53 million track library. Enjoy perso


Discover 50 million+ tracks with idPOD: an innovative music streaming service. Explore new artists,


Real-time music gen. & distribution algo.

Edge Dance

Create stunning dance videos with Edge Dance! AI-generated choreographies are smooth and expressive,


Explore and create music covers.


RapPad is the perfect platform for hip-hop enthusiasts to hone their skills, create unique tracks, c


SEO Specialist: Wyvern is an AI-driven platform that helps businesses create, manage and optimize di

AI Drake

Create amazing covers of any song in minutes with AI Drake. Our AI-powered song generator can create

Discover new music on-the-go with, an ad-free music streaming service featuring ove

Trending sounds

Stay ahead of the music game with Trending Sounds! Get the hottest new sounds from around the world


Empower your music with Songmastr - the AI-based automatic song mastering service.


in a matter of minutes. WavTool is the perfect tool for music producers of all levels, from beginner

Magenta Studio

Create unique works of art with Magenta Studio's powerful open source software platform. Explore AI,

Chill Out Zone

Enjoy a unique, calming space to de-stress and relax with Chill Out Zone.


Create professional-sounding rap songs with AutoRap: an interactive and powerful app that turns any

IZotope Neutron 2 Advanced

Unlock professional-level sound with IZotope Neutron 2 Advanced.

Google Play Music

Discover 50 million+ songs with Google Play Music's expansive library. Create custom playlists, disc


Discover new music and explore your own library with SoundHound! Instantly find out what song is pla

AutoTune Pro

SEO summary: AutoTune Pro is perfect for aspiring & pro musicians. It offers sophisticated pitch-cor


SEO summary: Neuralscores is an AI-powered music transcription platform that offers fast & accurate


Discover millions of songs with Musiio - an intuitive music search engine. With advanced filters, pr

AI Music Pro

AI Music Pro is an innovative app with advanced AI technology to create limitless tracks and loops i

Moises App

Music practice: mastering, separation, remixing.

Synthesizer V

Synthesizer V: AI-powered vocal synthesis for realistic singing vocals in English, Japanese, and Chi

Doctor Mix AI Synth

Unlock the creative potential of sound design with Doctor Mix AI Synthesizer. This powerful, easy-to


Discover 30+ million songs, create custom playlists, and explore audio experiences on Audius.


Create the perfect mix with Playlistable, the AI-powered music playlist generator. Our algorithm use

Voicify AI

Create AI music covers with your favorite artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Taylor Swift and many m


Revolutionize music creation with HookGen: AI-powered web app to generate music hooks, melodies and