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Ivy Chatbot

Ivy Chatbot is an AI-powered digital assistant providing 24/7 automated customer service and support

Subtitle Edit

Create subtitles quickly and accurately with Subtitle Edit: free, open source software for editing,


Revolutionize customer service with T2S.AI - a powerful AI automation platform. Leverage NLP technol

Google NMT (Neural Machine Translation)

SEO summary: Unlock global markets with Google NMT - an AI-powered, cloud-based, language translatio

Preppally – Resume AI

Preppally's Resume AI is an AI-powered tool that helps job seekers craft effective resumes and devel


LorroPage is an AI-powered language learning tool that helps users become fluent English speakers qu


Lionbridge is a global leader in language services and technology solutions, providing translation,


Automated business processes via language.


Quickly and accurately translate text, documents, and emails in over 30 languages with PROMT's AI-ba


AI-powered CodeBaby platform helps businesses create lifelike avatars to engage with customers, prov


Quickly and accurately translate emails, websites, documents and more with Lingostar's AI-powered tr


Alpa is an AI-driven software solution designed to streamline your business operations. Automate dat


Med-PaLM: Easy access to medical records & digital healthcare services. Securely share records w/ he


As an SEO Specialist, I can help you get the most out of BLOOM's innovative big data science platfor

Programming Translate

Programming Translate is an online service providing instant code translations from one programming


Geekbot automates recurring tasks. It runs workflows for daily standups, surveys, custom responses,


LangGPT is an AI-powered platform designed to help businesses create natural language content quickl

Stanford CoreNLP

Stanford CoreNLP is a powerful open-source Java-based library to analyze text, extract information,

Google LaMDA

Utilize Google LaMDA AI technology to create natural, engaging conversations between people and mach


Build powerful natural language processing applications with GPT-3 API: the revolutionary language t


Perspective is an AI-powered platform for detecting abusive language online. It uses advanced ML alg

Deep Learning Labs – GPT-3 Hackathon

Explore the potential of GPT-3 at the one-day virtual Deep Learning Labs – GPT-3 Hackathon. Learn fu

Nuance TTS

Nuance TTS is a text-to-speech software solution that generates natural-sounding voices in multiple


SEO summary: Unlock the power of language with Semantris, an AI-powered word association game. Devel


Efficiently find answers to any query with Whispr's advanced AI-powered natural language processing

DataSpark AI

Unlock the potential of your data with DataSpark AI's powerful AI platform.

Finetuned Stable Diffusion

Finetuned Stable Diffusion is an advanced NLP service for developers to build and customize models f


Create AI-powered chatbot experiences quickly and easily with MAPT.

Spanish-speaking banking agent

BBVA's Spanish-speaking banking agent provides bilingual, personalized service, translations of docu


Accurate language translation for individuals and teams.

Google GLaM

Develop sophisticated models quickly and easily with Google GLaM. Leverage AI advances to create, te


SEO Specialist: CLIP - OpenAI's advanced AI technology for machines to understand the world around t


Create powerful language apps quickly and easily with InstructGPT - an OpenAI-developed tool for nat


Cognitiv+ is an AI-driven software that helps businesses enhance customer experience.


Lingoo is a language-learning app that makes it easy to learn new languages from the comfort of your

Praktika ai

Revolutionize language-learning with Praktika ai: AI Avatars create an immersive learning experience

Whisper by OpenAI

Create interactive, personalized customer experiences with Whisper by OpenAI – a powerful NLP tool d


Learn languages easily and enjoyably with Memrise's interactive courses, engaging activities and fun

Microsoft Speech Services

SEO summary: Unlock the power of AI-powered speech capabilities with Microsoft Speech Services. Crea


Cedille is the perfect AI-powered NLP platform for authors and writers.


Language models for processing natural language.

Mirror AI

Unlock creativity and unleash potential with Mirror AI, an AI-powered platform. Generate unique visu


Create captivating videos with's AI-powered tool. Use NLP to convert spoken words to text

Translate By Humans

Translate By Humans offers fast, accurate translations in over 70 languages for businesses, professi


DALLE by OpenAI is a NLP platform to quickly and easily create powerful AI models. Access text analy