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Unlock valuable insights with M-VADER, a machine learning-based sentiment analysis tool.

Document AI by Relevance

Unlock hidden insights with Relevance AI's Document AI. Our cloud-based solution combines NLP and ML

Bing Translate

Bing Translate offers powerful translation services in multiple languages, including English, Spanis

Polyglot AI

Polyglot AI offers businesses an innovative chatbot solution that enables multilingual customer supp

Google Translate

SEO summary: Unlock the world's languages with Google Translate. Get instant, accurate translations


Learn languages easily and enjoyably with Memrise's interactive courses, engaging activities and fun

Humantic AI

Optimize operations, enhance customer experience, and reduce costs with Humantic AI.

Mount2 Speak

Gain confidence and master public speaking, IELTS speaking and interviews with Mount2 Speak - the AI

Newtype AI

Newtype AI offers a comprehensive suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) services to empower business


Bablic is a powerful translation service for businesses of any size. Quickly and accurately translat

OpenAI Translator

Optimise your translations with OpenAI Translator—the user-friendly, AI-powered tool for quick and a

FreelancerFlow: GPT-4 Freelance Prompts

Boost your freelance success with FreelancerFlow's AI-driven GPT-4 tool.


Translate: Fast & reliable language translation for businesses & individuals. Over 100 languages sup

Word Dose German

Learn German quickly and efficiently with Word Dose German! Our app provides personalized lessons an


Chatted with language models for research.


MyMemory is the perfect solution for fast and accurate translations.


SEO summary: Unlock the power of language with Semantris, an AI-powered word association game. Devel


As an SEO Specialist, I can help you get the most out of BLOOM's innovative big data science platfor

Preppally – Resume AI

Preppally's Resume AI is an AI-powered tool that helps job seekers craft effective resumes and devel


SEO summary: MagicPath AI is an AI-powered learning platform for creators to build courses from thei

GPT-2 AI Tool

Generate high-quality content quickly and accurately with GPT-2 AI Tool from DeepMind.


Learn a new language quickly and effectively with, an AI-powered language learning plat


Perspective is an AI-powered platform for detecting abusive language online. It uses advanced ML alg

DataSpark AI

Unlock the potential of your data with DataSpark AI's powerful AI platform.


LorroPage is an AI-powered language learning tool that helps users become fluent English speakers qu


LingQ is an online language-learning platform designed to help you learn new languages quickly and e


Boost customer satisfaction with Emma, an AI-driven conversational platform powered by natural langu


Optimize your coding and writing with Pen, an open-source editor for Emacs.


Learn foreign languages with LanguageMate--the innovative chatbot that provides real conversations,

Microsoft Kosmos-1

Microsoft Kosmos-1 is a cloud-based platform designed to enable developers to create and deploy dist


Learn 14 languages with Lingobo! Get personalized feedback and guidance from experienced language co


Efficiently find answers to any query with Whispr's advanced AI-powered natural language processing

Translate By Humans

Translate By Humans offers fast, accurate translations in over 70 languages for businesses, professi

Macaw by AI2

Macaw by AI2 offers an intuitive platform for natural language understanding & generation.


Improve English language skills with IELTS online platform. Interactive activities, practice tests,


Cedille is the perfect AI-powered NLP platform for authors and writers.


Lionbridge is a global leader in language services and technology solutions, providing translation,

Subtitle Edit

Create subtitles quickly and accurately with Subtitle Edit: free, open source software for editing,


LangGPT is an AI-powered platform designed to help businesses create natural language content quickl

Lilt Neural Machine Translation Platform

Get high-quality translations fast with Lilt Neural Machine Translation Platform. Leverage AI and NL


Create captivating videos with's AI-powered tool. Use NLP to convert spoken words to text


Generate text quickly and accurately with nanoGPT, a powerful NLP tool designed for developers, rese


Quickly and accurately translate texts into over 100 languages with TranslateWith.AI.


Learn a language quickly and effectively with Mondly! Our interactive activities, speech recognition

Yandex YaLM

Yandex YaLM is a powerful language modeling library for developers to create accurate, efficient and


Optimize your text with GPT-2, an advanced NLP model from OpenAI. Generate accurate and meaningful t

Microsoft Translator

Quickly & accurately translate text & speech in over 60 languages with Microsoft Translator's intuit

GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter by Dover

GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter by Dover is an AI-powered tool that quickly creates optimized job pos

GPT-3 Playbook

Gain the knowledge to unlock GPT-3's full potential with GPT-3 Playbook.