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AI Grading Tool by Copyleaks

AI Grading Tool by Copyleaks helps instructors grade student work faster and more accurately. AI-dri


EdX offers high-quality, interactive courses from leading universities & institutions.

Study Ai

Save time studying with Study Ai's AI-powered learning and studying tool. Get personalized, tailored

Paperclips Copilot

Generates flashcards from course or web notes.


Speed-read articles with synthesized voices.


Adaptive career coaching based on skills and interests.


Unlock the potential of GPT with LearnGPT. AI-powered technology provides comprehensive tools and re

Emergent Mind (LearnGPT)

Discover the revolutionary Emergent Mind platform to learn faster and retain information more effect


Emdash is an AI-powered tool that makes reading more productive and enjoyable. It helps organize, st


Unlock the power of AI with PredictionGuard. Quickly build state-of-the-art prediction models for se


As an SEO Specialist, Learnly is the ideal solution for homeschooling families.

Spoken language learning app with instant feedback.

Intel® AI Academy

Gain the skills to build powerful AI solutions with Intel® AI Academy.


Optimize customer service delivery with Trinka: AI-powered platform that automates conversations, pr


Gradescope: Save time and reduce grading errors with an intuitive suite of tools for creating, assig

ChatGPT + Midjourney

ChatGPT + Midjourney is an innovative story-creation tool designed to help you create stunning, illu


Mind map w/ templates, collab & search.


SEO summary: Brainly offers comprehensive online educational resources to students of all ages. Intu


Knewton is an online learning platform that provides personalized learning experiences to help stude


Generate questions for tests and quizzes quickly.


Learn and use a foreign language faster with LanguagePro. AI-powered assistant supports 6 languages


SEO summary: Unlock your learning potential with Ortus, the revolutionary AI-powered app. It offers


Heuristica: AI-powered tool providing custom discoveries on topics ranging from Bitcoin to Gun contr

Polyglot Media

Create comprehensive English lesson plans with ease using Polyglot Media - AI-enabled chatbot, compr

Learning Bird

Unlock educational success with Learning Bird: an online learning platform tailored to students of a

Improve multilingual speaking skills with Comprehensive online program offers persona

Brain Builder

Discover Brain Builder, an innovative learning platform that helps people of all ages and background

Minerva AI for Customer Education

Maximize customer engagement and loyalty with Minerva AI: an innovative digital platform that uses A


Learn new languages anytime, anywhere with TalkPal. AI-powered by GPT and NLP, TalkPal provides an i


Connected global learners and educators revolutionized.


ExamTime is an online learning and exam preparation platform designed to make studying easier and mo


Automated assistant for managing student homework.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors helps students succeed with personalized learning plans and expert tutors from top un


Academic knowledge-sharing platform.

Improve your spoken English with Get personalized feedback, audio/video recordings, conve


Intuitive gestural learning of interconnected ideas.

Heights Platform

AI Builds Online Courses - ChatGPT for Creators and Coaches


Boost student engagement and comprehension with EDpuzzle: an innovative video-based learning solutio


Create unique, engaging chatbot conversations for books, files, audio, video, and web-based content

DreamBox Learning

DreamBox Learning is an innovative, personalized learning platform that uses adaptive algorithms to


Learn a variety of languages quickly and easily with Squiglit. Our online platform offers immersive


Boost learning efficiency with Anki: Create and organize your cards, use pre-made cards, customize c