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Local Dev Tools

Local Dev Tools offers an intuitive suite of online tools to simplify web development. It includes a


ClassifyAI: Automate image recognition & classification, save time & money. Powerful algorithms & cu

Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squeezy is the perfect SaaS platform for managing your business.


Optimize customer engagement with Chat2Build: AI-driven chatbot, customizable conversations, analyti

AI Pokemon generator

Create unique digital Pokemon with Nokemon AI Generator. AI-powered tool to generate impressive Poke

Apple Machine Learning

Create powerful AI models fast and easily with Apple Machine Learning. Comprehensive suite of machin

Baby AGI

Organize parenting tasks with Baby AGI, an AI-powered task management system.


DocuDo is an AI-driven platform for technical writers, integrated with popular platforms to help str


Boost productivity with Fuze's unified communications platform. Join video and audio conferencing, v

Altered Studio

Create unique audio content with Altered Studio: advanced web-based Speech-To-Speech Voiceover and T

Create React App

Create React App is the perfect tool for developers to quickly and efficiently create a modern, opti


Unlock the potential of your data with Decile: an AI-driven query engine and no-code query builder f


Improve code quality, move faster, and reduce risk with AI-powered Codeball. Codeball uses advanced

Lightly IDE

Lightly is the perfect cloud-based IDE for developers of any level. It offers a powerful yet lightwe


Create stunning web applications quickly with Kodika's intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerfu

MutableAI for VS Code

Create AI models quickly and easily with MutableAI for VS Code.


Cloud-based predictive modeling using SQL.


Gain new skills and advance your career with Coursera! This online learning platform offers a variet

Myraah IO

Myraah IO is a powerful platform designed to help businesses create, manage and optimize their onlin


Rent cloud GPUs with RunPod - save 80%+ on AI frameworks like PyTorch & Tensorflow.Jupyter notebooks


Easily deploy ML systems with PoplarML: get up and running quickly with production-ready, scalable M


Codementor connects developers and tech professionals with experienced mentors from around the world


Gerevai is an essential search engine tool for businesses of all sizes.

AI Code Translator

AI Code Translator is an AI-powered tool designed to make coding easier. Translate code from one lan


ChainGPT is the perfect AI-powered tool to help you maximize the potential of Crypto and Blockchain

LazyWeb Alpha

Developers can quickly and easily create and deploy websites with LazyWeb Alpha.


Algoriz empowers traders and investors to make smarter stock market decisions. Our platform offers t

Browsing by Open AI

ChatGPT is a versatile AI tool that offers access to the latest data, complex computations and third


Code completion solution for multiple languages.


Speed up creation of code with effective debugging.

Landing AI

Create unique and impactful landing pages in seconds with Landing AI's generative Artificial Intelli


Learn any language with Conju, an innovative comprehensive language learning platform. With interact


Plivo is an innovative cloud-based communications platform that helps businesses stay connected with

Magic Prompt Stable Diffusion

Magic Prompt Stable Diffusion is a powerful and user-friendly tool for machine learning developers.

Microsoft Machine Learning Server

Create predictive models quickly and easily with Microsoft Machine Learning Server. Leverage the pow


Quickly extract entities from free text with Textraction, a powerful AI-driven service. Leverage nat

Summarise Me

Summarize web & PDF content succinctly.


Automated medical billing, improved outcomes.


Codebase search and summarization for programmers.


Customizable pages for optimizing online presence.


Create high-converting landing pages quickly and easily with Landingi.

Infinity GPT

Gain valuable insights with Infinity GPT. Our AI-based platform allows businesses, entrepreneurs, an


Create a unique online presence with Kajiwoto's comprehensive website design & development services.

Neptune by Hashnode

Create content quickly with Neptune: a powerful tool for developers and tech enthusiasts with intuit

Databricks Unified Data Analysis Platfor

Unlock the power of data with Databricks Unified Data Analysis Platform.

DB Pilot

DB Pilot is an AI-enhanced database GUI designed to simplify and streamline SQL operations.


Analyze code with error detection and IDE extension.