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Lightly IDE

Lightly is the perfect cloud-based IDE for developers of any level. It offers a powerful yet lightwe

Code Oracle by Repl

Easily build and deploy powerful applications with Code Oracle by Repl. Intuitive drag and drop feat


CodeMate AI is an AI-driven coding assistant that helps developers of all levels to write better cod


Automated chatbot integration for boosted productivity.

Refact AI

Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation with Refact AI. Leverage advanced AI technol


Programming assistant simplifies and accelerates coding.


Streamlined software development assistant.


Mason is an AI-powered data analytics tool to help teams quickly answer questions about their data.

JD Generator

Revolutionize your recruitment process with JD Generator. Our intuitive and user-friendly interface

Code Interpreter by OpenAI

OpenAI's Code Interpreter plugin enables ChatGPT users and API developers to securely access up-to-d


Quickly and easily build LLM applications with 🤗 Transformers support using LMQL - a specialized


Boost your development workflow with Kamara: AI-powered code writing & editing, smart suggestions, a

Wizi AI

Solution for automating Frontend Task workflow.


Discover insights into your data 10X faster with Lookup: an AI-powered data analytics tool. Create i

Whispr AI

Unlock coding potential with Whispr AI! Our AI assistant helps developers save time & improve coding


Boost your coding skills with Turing.School, an AI-boosted exercise platform. Generate customized co


Assistance for understanding complex text and sentences.

NoCodeNinja: Ultimate No-Code Tools

NoCodeNinja is the ultimate no-code platform for quickly and easily creating amazing websites, mobil


Boost productivity and streamline operations with Wiseone - an innovative software solution for busi

Game of Pong

Experience the unique challenge of coding classic Pong from scratch with OpenAI's innovative Game of


EasyCode is an AI-based coding assistant that makes coding easier and faster for developers of all l

Deepchecks Testing Package

Deepchecks Testing Package is an automated testing solution that helps software engineers save time,

Feathery AI

Create custom forms quickly & easily with Feathery AI's intuitive drag-and-drop interface. AI-powere


codeStarter is the perfect platform for aspiring developers to learn web development fundamentals. I


Speed up creation of code with effective debugging.

Warp AI

Optimize your business with Warp AI, the powerful AI platform providing real-time predictive analyti


Pionex GPT is an automated trading platform that enables users to create their own trading strategie

Code translator

Optimize coding skills with Code Translator from Typist Codes.


UNCODE-IT is an AI-powered tool to simplify coding for users of all levels. Paste code and click "UN


Master the Unix Terminal with How2's AI-powered code-completion for Bash/Zsh scripts.


CodeFormer is an online service providing powerful tools to build and maintain custom software.


Marvin is an open-source library that makes it easy to build AI-powered software quickly and easily.


Maximize business efficiency with Intellinode: user-friendly platform with comprehensive suite of to


Helps brands send AI generated personalized videos at scale to all their customers. Just record your


CometCore AI is an advanced platform to automate daily tasks, create custom AI agents, and optimize

Jit Codes

Quickly turn text into code with Jit Codes, the AI-powered tool that uses OpenAI's natural language

Synk Code

Secure code development made easy with Synk Code. Automated scanning and patching of code repositori


Automated code correction with bug fix explanations.

LogicLoop AI SQL

Quickly generate optimized SQL queries with LogicLoop AI SQL. Powered by AI, create queries in minut

The Coder

Generated suggestions and ideas for coding developers.

Maester code creator

Maester App is an AI-powered code generator, giving developers an easy-to-use platform to create fun

Jetbrains IDE Plugin

Boost coding productivity with TLDR: an AI-powered Jetbrains IDE plugin for developers of all levels