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Get personalized movie recommendations with GPTflix, an AI-powered NLP model tailored to your unique

LookUp YC

LookUpYC is an AI tool for entrepreneurs, providing access to Y Combinator's wealth of advice. Quick


Spreadsheet function for semantic text matching.


Find news, entertainment, tools and services quickly with Yandex – a powerful search engine and on


Search securely and privately with StartPage. Protect your data with advanced encryption and enjoy a

Klu – Internal search powered by AI

Klu is an AI-powered internal search engine that quickly finds the data you need, tailored to your n

Movie Deep Search

Unlock powerful search capabilities with AI Keytalk Deep Search. Developed by Mycelebs, this advance

T0pp by BigScience

Unlock meaningful insights with T0pp by BigScience. Explore scientific data with powerful, intuitive

Opera One Browser

Experience the ultimate web browsing with Opera One's AI-powered services, modular design, and intui


Get precise legal documents quickly with TermScout - a powerful, AI-driven legal search engine.

Expert System

Gain valuable insights from your data with Expert System's AI-driven technology.


Unlock your dream job with Skillroads! Our powerful search engine helps job seekers find the right j

The Ultimate SEO Prompt Collection

Maximize organic traffic with The Ultimate SEO Prompt Collection by Anmol Mishra. 200+ SEO-focused p


Discover 880K+ movies and TV shows with Movie Deep Search, the ultimate streaming service for film l


Explore the world of art with Lexica: the innovative search engine for art enthusiasts.

Podacity Ai

Create and monetize podcasts easily with Podacity Ai, an AI-powered podcasting platform.

Brave Search Summarizer

Summarizer is a great tool for busy professionals, students, and researchers who need quick, accurat


Celeb nepotism detected via public perception analysis.


Find the perfect domain name quickly with DomainWheel. Powerful search engine to search millions of


Grow small business with Inspo! Access experts' library of content, videos, podcasts and more to get


Webthat is a powerful website builder that makes creating and managing a website easy and stress-fre

Tunes For Tales

Discover engaging interactive stories and songs for young readers of all ages with Tunes For Tales.


SEO Specialist: Get fast, accurate & comprehensive results with Findem AI-powered search engine. Lev


Sphinx is a powerful search engine for quickly retrieving relevant documents from large datasets. It


Personalized movie suggestions.

GPT Product Library

Find the right product with confidence at the GPT Product Library. Access comprehensive product info


Powerful vector search tool: Embedditor gives you fast, accurate results with AI-driven algorithms,


Get the most out of your web crawling experience with Horseman v03 AI tool. Our latest version is eq


Stepstone provides job seekers comprehensive tools and services to find the perfect job. Search job

Web Search Engines

Unlock the power of web search engines to quickly and easily find the information you need.

Yahoo Search

Search with confidence using Yahoo Search - the ultimate search engine for finding what you need qui


SEO Specialist: Xapian is an open source C++ search engine and database, offering fast and efficient


TinEye is the perfect tool for quickly and accurately searching, locating, and identifying images on


Discover fast and reliable answers to any question with iAsk.AI's AI-powered search engine.


Columns is an AI-powered data platform that makes collaboration simple. Create stunning visualizatio


Swiftype is a powerful search engine that enables you to quickly and easily find the content you're


Lucene is an open source Java library for creating custom, high-performance search solutions.


HotBot is the ultimate search engine for today's tech-savvy internet users. With its AI-powered capa


SEO summary: Achieve fast, reliable search results with SOLR, an open source enterprise search platf

Image Raider

Create stunning visuals with Image Raider's 10+ million royalty-free stock photos and illustrations.

Lucidworks Fusion

SEO Specialist: Unlock data insights & increase revenue with Fusion--Lucidwork's powerful enterprise


Find what you need quickly and easily with Omnisearch. Intuitive UI, advanced search filters and nat


Find the perfect AI for your task with Lollib. Our comprehensive database and search tools make it e


Discover the perfect soundtrack for any mood or moment with Maroofy, your AI-powered music companion

Mindstrong AI

Unlock your data's full potential with Mindstrong AI - a powerful AI service that helps businesses i


Totallib is an innovative library management system that simplifies library management, tracking cir

Yext Chat

Yext Chat provides businesses with a powerful customer engagement tool, allowing them to connect wit