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Autoblocks AI

Optimize AI-generated outputs quickly and accurately with Autoblocks AI. Leverage sophisticated AI a


Add an efficient search experience to your website with Collie. Our AI tool and web scraping program

Duet AI

Grow your business and save time with Google Workspace's Duet AI Early Access Program. Generative AI

GPT Macros

Eliminate tedious tasks and simplify complex processes with GPT Macros.

Your Own Story Book

Capture and preserve your pet's most precious memories with PawPool Adventures! Our cutting-edge AI

Permar AI

Improved landing page conversion rates.

AI Email Writer

AI Email Writer helps users quickly craft professional emails with GPT-3 technology. Generate emails

Chivvy AI

AI powered anti procrastination app & task/habit tracker

Drafter AI

Unlock the power of AI with Drafter AI and create powerful solutions without any coding experience.


Transform natural language into SQL code and execute queries quickly with Text2SQL.AI - the AI-drive

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an all-in-one suite for businesses of all sizes. Powerful collaboration, cloud stor


Automated SEO content creation for marketers.


Online text summarizing for long articles.


Boost your productivity with WriteMage's AI-powered Mac and iOS app. Get answers quickly in any app,


Assisted resource creation and assessment for educators.

The Forge

Platform for creating & selling workflows.


Get quick and accurate answers to questions with AI-powered DailyBot.


Empower your daily operations with Levity! Our AI solution helps non-technical users automate workfl


Aids in managing and optimizing email campaigns.


Metastory is an AI-powered tool for product requirements gathering. Streamline your product needs wi


Use AI in Google Sheets without any setup or API keys. Teach AI to "Autocomplete" repetitive tasks,

ChatGPT Auto Refresh

Keep conversations flowing seamlessly with ChatGPT Auto Refresh. Get uninterrupted online conversati

AI Alfred

AI Alfred: The AI-powered tool for quickly summarizing web articles. Get the gist of any article in


Create customized resumes and cover letters with Jobcopy. Craft professional documents tailored to t


Boost team productivity with Basecamp, the all-in-one project management and collaboration platform.


Make data come alive with Plot - an intuitive, powerful plotting tool for exploring, visualizing, an


SEO Specialist: IntelliBar is an easy-to-use software solution designed to simplify business operati

Autoclear ChatGPT History

Eliminate online privacy risks with Autoclear ChatGPT History. Automatically delete chat history fro


Save time and effort with Excelly-AI! Powerful Excel formulas generated quickly and easily with a us


FGenEds helps college students succeed in their studies by providing users with cheat sheets for gen


Achieving goals can be a challenging task, especially when they lack clarity or a solid plan of exec


Get content creation done in no time with Wordmax, an AI-powered content writing tool.


MULTI·ON is a cloud-based AI platform designed to help businesses streamline their operations and m


FutureDesk is an innovative chatbot interface that offers natural language processing, personalized

Ipso AI

Efficient scheduling assistant for better productivity.


Automated CRM feedback for better sales calls.

Interview Prep AI

Boost your job search success with Interview Prep AI's innovative AI-powered interview coaching. Get


Save time with Read Any Email in a Sentence: a Chrome extension that uses AI to provide concise, one


Create professional-looking cover letters quickly and easily with LetterMagic. Choose from customiza

GRID 2.0

Unlock data-driven insights with GRID – the AI-powered tool that helps you create visually appeali


Automated chat support for businesses.


Organize ideas and share notes with Bear - powerful, versatile note-taking app. Collect, organize an


Quickly respond to emails and save time with EmailTriager's AI-powered email automation. Natural lan


Keeps teams updated on GitHub activities.