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LawGeex: AI-powered legal review platform for businesses to quickly analyze contracts, identify risk


Save time and maximize productivity with Henchman, an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to autom

IBM Watson Legal

SEO Specialists: IBM Watson Legal provides comprehensive AI tools to streamline and automate complex

Robot Lawyer Lisa

Robot Lawyer Lisa offers fast, reliable legal assistance: AI-powered legal assistant provides person


Legal document analysis and research assistant.


Knovel is an online platform offering 5,000+ engineering and technical textbooks, articles, datasets


Easily read and understand smart contracts with ContractReader. Intuitive UI, syntax highlighting, d

Lex Machina

Increase efficiency and save time with Lex Machina, the comprehensive legal research tool for attorn

LexisNexis Solarr

SEO Specialist: Unlock powerful legal research tools with LexisNexis Solarr. Access statutes, court

Legal Advantage

SEO summary: Get expert legal advice, representation & assistance from experienced attorneys & legal


As an SEO specialist, GAO provides reliable, unbiased information about the performance of governmen


WestlawNext is an intuitive legal research platform with comprehensive content and powerful search c


Lexicata is an all-in-one practice management platform designed to streamline the day-to-day operati


Linksquares is the revolutionary AI-driven contract management solution for businesses of all sizes.

Checkmate AI

Checkmate AI is an AI-powered platform that automates customer service processes, providing personal

Ask AI Lawyer

Get reliable, up-to-date legal advice quickly with Ask AI Lawyer: a free 24/7 AI-powered legal assis


Get answers to your questions fast with JustAnswer. Connect with verified experts in all fields, fro


Contract analysis automation for corporate clients.


SEO summary: Create custom legal forms and documents quickly and easily with Docassemble.

Paralegal AI

Paralegal AI is an AI-powered legal research & summarization tool that provides fast, accurate, and


Contract Drafting and Review for legal professionals.


Get up and running fast with Lexop's all-in-one legal solution. Streamline document delivery, contra


LawGro is an innovative legal practice management software designed to help lawyers save time, incre

Tonkean LegalGPT

SEO Specialist: Automate legal processes with Tonkean LegalGPT. AI-driven, intuitive workflow builde


IndiaGPT is the perfect tool for students, lawyers and anyone else looking for quick, easy access to


Powerful AI and LLM-driven Legalysis simplifies legal analysis, extracting key points & generating s


Create a comprehensive estate plan quickly and easily with Trust&Will. Designate guardians, executor


Judicata is an AI-driven legal research tool for lawyers and legal professionals. is an AI-powered chatbot that quickly and easily helps users navigate their documents. Levera

AI Lawyer

Get personalized legal advice in minutes with AI-lawyer. Our cutting-edge technology quickly and acc


Optimize legal workflow with LawToolBox - an innovative technology platform designed to simplify doc


Save time and money with Legito's powerful legal document automation platform.


Fastcase is a user-friendly legal research platform providing access to millions of court opinions,

E-Legal AI

E-Legal AI simplifies complex legal jargon into easy-to-understand plain English.

Legal Files

Legal Files is an essential tool for lawyers and legal professionals. It provides a comprehensive, e


Filevine is a comprehensive case management software that streamlines the entire case cycle, from in


Automated patent drafting language generation.

Avvo Smart Legal Assistant

Get legal advice and helpful resources from Avvo Smart Legal Assistant. Access experienced attorneys


MetaJure offers attorneys and legal teams powerful legal management tools to streamline their practi

LexisNexis CounselLink

LexisNexis CounselLink is an innovative, cloud-based legal management software designed to streamlin


LegalZoom provides online legal services to help individuals and small business owners with their le


LexisNexis is a powerful research platform providing legal, corporate and government professionals w


One-click creation of tailored chatbots.


MyCase is an innovative solution designed to help lawyers and law firms increase efficiency and stre


LawPath is an online legal platform that provides fast, efficient legal services for businesses and

Contract Express

Contract Express is an automated document assembly platform that simplifies contract creation, manag


SEO summary: Unlock 173M+ pages of legal history w/ HeinOnline. Powerful search capabilities, intuit