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Class Charts

Class Charts is a powerful classroom management tool designed to simplify teachers' and school admin

Kuki Ai

SEO Specialists: Kuki is an AI-powered conversational companion providing interactive, personalized


Experience AI-learning fun with Adventure AI! Self-paced curriculum teaches AI-assisted art, coding,


Create stunning visuals with Bubbles' intuitive design platform.

Narrato Workspace

SEO summary: Narrato Workspace is an intuitive, user-friendly platform to manage projects, tasks and

Luhn’s Algorithm

Luhn's Algorithm is an essential tool for verifying the accuracy of ID numbers like credit cards, So


Solve puzzles and build AI-driven strategies with Designed/AI! Experience an immersive web-based puz

Momo AI

Make the most of your travel experiences with Momo! Our ultimate travel companion quickly generates


Create hilarious jokes with ease using Punchlinesai, the AI joke generator powered by OpenAI's GPT-3


SEO summary: Unlock AI-driven insights with Wisdom_by_GPT3! Get automated advice and guidance on any


Generate stunning, professional color palettes for any project with loopple's Color Palette Generato


Twinning is an innovative new service that allows users to create a unique AI clone of themselves. W


A family holiday planning guide for London.


Test your music knowledge with EpicMusicQuiz - the free and easy web-based tool to create custom mus


Revolutionize your typing experience with Fleksy - the revolutionary text input technology designed

Interdimensional News

Stay informed with InfiniteNews, the AI-powered interdimensional news platform delivering the latest

Interactive Mathematics

Solve math problems quickly and easily with Interactive Mathematics' AI Math Problem Solver.


Send personalized postcards with AI-generated art and custom messages worldwide with PostalAI. is an AI-powered career guidance tool designed to help individuals make informed decisions


SEO summary: MODIF is a powerful app to help businesses stay organized and efficient.

Lemonaid Music

Create custom music with Lemonaid's AI-powered music creation tool! Get millions of high-quality ide


Optimize & grow your online presence with BizzArt! Create beautiful, modern websites, engaging conte

Draw AI

Unlock your creativity with Draw AI – the perfect platform for creating unique art pieces. Our user-


Gandhiji is the perfect AI tool for meaningful conversations. Powered by MessengerXio, it uses advan

Langame card game

SEO Specialist: Ignite meaningful conversations with Lang Game's AI-generated conversation cards.


Generated children's audio stories.


Create custom playlists tailored to your taste with PlaylistAI.Easily add images, videos and music f

Piano Genie

Discover the joy of music with Piano Keyboard! Our app allows you to play the piano on desktop/lapto


Humor generation for written content.

Meme Koll

Create custom memes quickly and easily with ControlMeme. AI-powered tool offers range of customizati


Create custom memes in seconds with MemeCam! Easily generate real-time memes from your webcam or pho


A platform for automatically creating caricature photos.

Linkedin Headline Generator

Generate captivating, attention-grabbing Linkedin headlines. Quickly create a unique, keyword-rich h


SEO summary: 'Dumm-E app provides busy professionals an intuitive, user-friendly way to manage tasks


Boost exam success with Exambusters - our online platform provides comprehensive practice tests, stu

Baba Selo

SEO summary: Discover easy and delicious recipes with Baba Selo - an AI-powered chatbot and recipe a


Loyae is an AI-powered optimization tool that makes SEO and SEM easy.


Feyn is an AI-powered personal assistant developed by Shelwin Zhang.


Securely protect your online platforms from hate speech with ModerateHatespeech. Our advanced machin

Human or Not?

Test your social intelligence with Human or Not?, an intriguing game that challenges you to identify

Infinite Adversaries

Experience revolutionary, never-ending gaming with Infinite Adversaries. Cutting-edge AI technology

Cosmic Whisper AI

Unlock the mysteries of the universe with Cosmic Whisper AI – the ultimate AI-powered tool for com


Help your kids develop a love of reading with IMAGINaiTION! AI-powered app creates personalised stor


Rory is an AI-powered bedtime storyteller offering personalized stories tailored to your child's age

Experience the future of social media with - the revolutionary AI-driven social network.


Grade-Maker simplifies the grading process: quickly create & manage rubrics, assign grades, track st