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Speed up development with TeamCity's automated build management & continuous integration.


Optimize machine learning projects with MLFlow: an open-source platform to track models, code, data,


Secure code fast with Coverity: powerful static analysis tool to detect security vulnerabilities, fu


Quickly set up custom AI-driven Question Answering Bot with Get accurate answers to cus

Mochi Diffusion

Mochi Diffusion is a powerful and reliable software tool to help developers quickly deploy applicati

GitHub Actions

Gain automation power with GitHub Actions: quickly create customised workflows to streamline your so

Databricks Unified Data Analysis Platfor

Unlock the power of data with Databricks Unified Data Analysis Platform.


Chat2Query is an AI-powered tool to help Hackernews users quickly access information. Get accurate a


Create web applications quickly and easily with Expresso's user-friendly drag-and-drop, code compila


Codebase search and summarization for programmers.


OpenAIvalue revolutionizes dev work with Digital Developersâ„¢ powered by advanced GPT-4 model. 24/7

Kobo Reading App

Discover millions of eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines with Kobo Reading App. Easily customize your

Lightly IDE

Lightly is the perfect cloud-based IDE for developers of any level. It offers a powerful yet lightwe


Build unique landing pages w/ leads & tracking.

AI Placeholder

Generate placeholder text quickly with AI Placeholder. Leverage GPT-3.5-Turbo API from OpenAI for hi


Take control of your finances with Kardow - the revolutionary new service that makes managing your f

New Relic

Optimize user experience and maximize business efficiency with New Relic performance monitoring. Tra


Code completion solution for multiple languages.

Adobe Muse Vs. AI

Adobe Muse vs AI is a powerful web design tool that helps users create modern, stunning websites wit


Gitpod is an automated dev environment that simplifies coding, testing & deploying projects. Cloud-b


Increased efficiency through online task automation.

Google Colab Copilot

AI Python Coding Assistant on Google Collab: Unlock the power of AI and convenience of Google Collab


Create interactive data visualizations with Streamlit: a powerful open-source framework that allows


Plivo is an innovative cloud-based communications platform that helps businesses stay connected with

Project CodeNet by IBM

Project CodeNet by IBM is a revolutionary AI-powered code search engine designed to help developers,


Rapidly grasp new code with a VS Code extension.


TestBox is an automated testing platform that simplifies test creation, execution and analysis for a


Build any kind of app quickly and easily with Sutro's AI-powered software development tool.


Maximize ROI with Everyprompt! Our platform helps small businesses and entrepreneurs save time and m


Create custom internal tools, web apps, and automated workflows with BLAZE - the powerful no-code pl


Boost your coding skills with WarriorJS, an exciting game combining programming and Artificial Intel


Leap is the perfect AI solution for developers who want to quickly and easily integrate AI into thei

Code Oracle by Repl

Easily build and deploy powerful applications with Code Oracle by Repl. Intuitive drag and drop feat


"Tynker is a leading coding platform that makes learning to code easy & fun.


Optimize applications with PromptSandbox: cloud-based platform for developers to quickly create, tes


Boost productivity with smart time tracking.


Enhance your Ethereum experience with Infura - a secure, reliable and scalable blockchain infrastruc

Google Cloud Code

Boost development efficiency with Google Cloud Code - a comprehensive suite of tools to create, depl

Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 IDE is the all-in-one development environment for efficient coding. Unlock powerful tools, su


Enjoy access to 500,000+ audiobooks, podcasts & more with Audible. Listen anytime, anywhere with our


Autopia offers an AI-powered, easy-to-use platform for streamlining agile workflows. Our intuitive i


Phabricator is a powerful collaboration platform designed to make software development easier. Track offers an intuitive, easy-to-use AI platform for businesses, teams & clubs.


Unlock the potential of your data with DeepGenX, an AI-powered data analysis platform. Use advanced

Clippy AI

Coding assistance extension for Visual Studio Code.


DB Sensei is a revolutionary AI-powered query tool to simplify complex SQL queries and optimize resu


Platform for personalized app creation via chatbot.