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Content generation and optimization assistant.


Plan stress-free vacations with FreePlanTour - our revolutionary service that makes finding the perf

Project Blink

SEO summary: Optimize video editing with AI-powered Project Blink. Quickly locate, trim, and delete


Create stunning mobile games and apps with Cocos2d-x: powerful open-source engine for 2D and 3D proj


Maslo is an AI-powered customer service platform that automates and optimizes customer service. It u

MTG. Card Creator

Custom Magic: The Gathering cards designed.


Connexun is the perfect all-in-one solution for businesses of any size. It streamlines operations, r

Amazon Alexa

Alexa makes everyday tasks simpler and more enjoyable. With its voice assistant, access info, contro


Optimize your day-to-day tasks with Virtualyou, an AI-powered virtual assistant service. Get persona

Orion Labs Onyx

Revolutionary voice assistant Onyx streamlines communication, increases efficiency & enables secure


Promptmakr is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes - create stunning visuals, videos, an

Draw Things: AI Generation

Create stunning images with ease using Draw Things: AI Generation, a user-friendly image generation

Prompt Hunt

Create professional artwork with ease using Prompt Hunt. It offers Vector Illustration, Isometric Pe

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog helps businesses quickly manage, discover and share data & analytics as


AI-powered HEAVIER helps agencies streamline client acquisition, leveraging AI-driven insights to ge


Boost customer engagement with Krater's AI-powered customer service platform. Automate processes and

Intelligent paraphraser

AI-driven Intelligent Paraphraser tool quickly rewrites content with 6 powerful modes.

Pro Tools

Create industry-standard audio with Pro Tools, Avid Technology's powerful DAW.


BoldVoice: Secure, real-time messaging with enhanced audio & video. Intuitive interface for easy nav


Create stunning, immersive games easily with Stencyl. Drag-and-drop interface, no coding needed. Cus

Amazon Rekognition Video

Unlock the power of deep learning with Amazon Rekognition Video. Quickly identify objects, people, a

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Gain access to a wide range of equities, bonds, derivatives and more on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Re


Unlock the power of knowledge with FINDSIGHT AI: a powerful and intuitive search engine for explorin


Learn a new language quickly and effectively with Gliglish! Get personalized language lessons tailor

Credit Karma Tax

File your taxes quickly and securely with Credit Karma Tax. Get free federal and state filing, easy

The Newsroom

Get the latest news quickly and accurately with The Newsroom. Powered by AI and natural language pro


Create lifelike, natural-sounding audio quickly and easily with Speechelo's advanced AI text-to-spee

YourDoctor AI

Take charge of your health with YourDoctor AI. Our AI-powered platform combines the latest advances

Microsoft Kosmos-1

Microsoft Kosmos-1 is a cloud-based platform designed to enable developers to create and deploy dist


Organize stress-free trips with TheDIYtrip: our online platform offers destinations, booking, attrac

Bing Create

Create stunning visuals with AI-driven Image Creator tool from Microsoft Bing. Just a few words of t


BasisAI is a powerful AI-driven platform that helps businesses maximize ROI.


Eklipse connects gamers and esports fans worldwide. Features include tracking players, teams and tou


Gladly is the intuitive customer service platform that helps businesses personalize customer experie

Faster R-CNN

Discover powerful object detection with Faster R-CNN. Developed by Facebook Research, this open sour


Create AI-powered apps with ease using FoxyApps. Our revolutionary ChatGPT technology makes it easy


CoMakerai's AI-powered platform helps entrepreneurs, marketers, and influencers create content quick


Create custom logos fast with Logojoy: an intuitive, easy-to-use logo design platform. Generate hund


Personalized recipes generator for mobile.


Cutting-edge speech and audio recognition.

Once Upon A Time

Unlock a world of imagination with Once Upon A Time - a unique storytelling service that brings stor


Find the perfect AI for your business quickly and easily with Huru. Our intuitive interface and comp


Create stunning digital art with Krita: a free & open-source painting program with intuitive UI, exp


OpenSight is a revolutionary AI chatbot tool providing fast, secure customer service with 2FA, Agent

Content Company

Streamline content creation with Content Company's AI Content Generator. Generate SEO-friendly conte


Unlock the power of AI-driven copywriting with Phrasee. Our platform helps create persuasive, engagi


Tactiq is an AI-powered Chrome extension that revolutionizes the way we work. It automatically trans


Codeship: CI/CD platform to save time, improve quality & accelerate development.