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Unrealspeech: Get ultra-realistic & natural-sounding text-to-speech at up to 4x cheaper than other p


PocketSphinx is a Carnegie Mellon speech recognition engine for resource-constrained devices. Create


Create custom voices quickly and easily with TTS-Voice-Wizard. Generate lifelike, high-quality audio


Save time and effort transcribing audio files with WhisperAPI's AI-powered transcription tool.


Record audio with realistic voices online.


Izwe is a multi-lingual platform offering comprehensive audio/video transcription services, utilizin


Create professional-sounding recordings quickly with Voicepods. Easily share audio on social media,


SEO summary: NaturalReader is a text-to-speech software to convert written text into natural soundin

Indico Text Analysis

Gain a competitive edge with Indico Text Analysis. Our powerful NLP & ML algorithms automatically un

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Speec

Create voice-enabled applications with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Speech Recognition: transf


Generate original, natural-sounding content quickly with TextSynth - an AI tool that offers an easy

IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier

IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier provides businesses with accurate, real-time answers to custo

Ai Sofiya

Ai Sofiya is the perfect AI tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals. Quickly


Fast transcription for professionals and students.

Microsoft Cognitive Services Language

Quickly create user-friendly applications with Microsoft Cognitive Services Language, a suite of NLP

Voicemod Text to Song

Transform your words into music with Voicemod Text to Song. Customise your song with AI-powered tool


Save time and money with Vocapia's VoxSigma Speech-to-Text software suite.

Parrot AI

Parrot AI is the perfect tool for capturing and enhancing digital conversations.

Text to UI Creator

Quickly create user interfaces with Text to UI Creator - a powerful tool with a drag-and-drop interf

Deepgram Speech-to-Text API

Deepgram Speech-to-Text API is a powerful tool that quickly and accurately transcribes audio & speec

CMU Pocketsphinx

CMU Pocketsphinx is an open-source, real-time speech recognition system with high accuracy. Supports

Baidu Speech Recognition

Baidu Speech Recognition is an AI-powered service to quickly and accurately convert speech into text


Create engaging audio content quickly with Aflorithmic's AI-powered Audio-as-a-Service.


SEO Specialist: Voiser is the perfect solution for creating lifelike audio. 550+ voices in 75+ langu

MeaningCloud Text Analysis

Gain valuable insights from text data with MeaningCloud Text Analysis. Comprehensive suite of NLP ca


Create professional voiceovers with ease using Createaivoiceovers. Access a large library of profess


SpeechKit is an advanced speech recognition platform with up to 95% accuracy for dictation and up to


Voiceitt is an AI-powered speech recognition technology that enables people with speech impairments


SEO Specialist: VoxSigma is a powerful automated speech recognition platform featuring AI-driven alg


Convert audio to text for quick blog creation.


Create natural speech recognition experiences for your applications with Deepspeech, a powerful spee

Yandex SpeechKit

Increase customer engagement and reduce support costs with Yandex SpeechKit. Create an efficient cus

Acapela Group

Create natural-sounding voices for any application with Acapela Group. Our services are designed to

Big Speak

Big Speak is an AI-powered platform that helps individuals and businesses create persuasive presenta


SEO Specialist: Speechnotes is a powerful, user-friendly speech-to-text converter that quickly and a


Xenomind helps businesses unlock actionable insights at scale with AI-driven analytics engine. Get c

AT&T Speech API

Create interactive, immersive experiences with AT&T Speech API. Leverage powerful text-to-speech & s


Enabling chat for game, learning, and fun.


Simplified Jira ticket creation solution.


Create lifelike, natural-sounding audio quickly and easily with Speechelo's advanced AI text-to-spee


Create full-stack web applications with CodeSandbox's intuitive drag-and-drop interface and modern w

Voci Technologies

Boost business productivity & accuracy with Voci Technologies' speech recognition software. Utilizin


Find the perfect AI solution for any task with Overdub - the ultimate database of AI solutions. Easi

Kanye Tweet Generator

Generate creative, unique content like Kanye West with the AI-powered Kanye Tweet Generator.


Quickly and accurately transcribe audio and video with Vocalmatic.


Medinav is an AI-powered medical assistant that simplifies patient documentation. With advanced AI t


Boost your voice AI applications with Picovoice – the world's leading platform for natural languag