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SEO Specialist for Voicera: Create voice audio with one click, supporting over 200 languages & diale

Microsoft Speech SDK

Boost your app with Microsoft Speech SDK: powerful speech recognition, natural language interaction,


Transform written information into audio files with TextAloud - an advanced text-to-speech software


Create lifelike, natural-sounding audio quickly and easily with Speechelo's advanced AI text-to-spee


SEO Specialist: VoxSigma is a powerful automated speech recognition platform featuring AI-driven alg

MeaningCloud Text Classification

MeaningCloud Text Classification offers fast, accurate analysis of large text volumes, helping busin


Audio clip generation of celebrity/cartoon voices.

Indico Text Analysis

Gain a competitive edge with Indico Text Analysis. Our powerful NLP & ML algorithms automatically un


Fast transcription for professionals and students.

AT&T Natural Voice Text-to-Speech

AT&T Natural Voice Text-to-Speech is an AI-driven technology that provides lifelike conversations, m


Create high-quality audio content easily with our Text-to-Speech service. Convert written text into


Audioread turns your reads into podcasts. You can listen to any article, PDF, email, etc. in your po

Ai Sofiya

Ai Sofiya is the perfect AI tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketing professionals. Quickly


Enhance communication with iSpeech's powerful text-to-speech solution. Create engaging audio files q


Myqueue is the perfect way to stay up-to-date with your favorite articles and stories. Enjoy all of

Voice Forge

Create professional-sounding recordings with Voice Forge, an automated voice-over software.

Google Cloud Text-To-Speech

Google Cloud Text-To-Speech is an easy-to-use tool to quickly & conveniently convert text into natur

Voxygen Speech-to-Text

Easily convert audio & video into text with Voxygen Speech-to-Text. Accurate, fast & cost-efficient


Generate content quickly and easily with UberCreate's revolutionary AI-powered content creation tool

ChatGPT for Translators

ChatGPT for Translators is an AI-powered document translation tool that makes it easier and faster t


Create high-quality audio content with VoiceClone: 5,000+ expressive voices, custom voice clones, AP

All-In On AI

Maximize AI development with All-In On AI: robust models, SDKs, APIs, ML algorithms, NLP, CV, intuit


Created multilingual content & natural voice-overs.


WebGPT is an AI-driven text generation service producing accurate, high-quality content tailored to

Vocal Clarity

Improve your vocal presence & clarity with Vocal Clarity. Get personalized feedback & guidance to id

Novels AI

Audiobooks for immersive storytelling.


PocketSphinx is a Carnegie Mellon speech recognition engine for resource-constrained devices. Create


Create professional audio content in no time with NarrationBox. Our AI voices give you a range of li


Edit Words Audio Editor is the perfect tool for quickly and easily producing professional-quality au

Textless NLP

Textless NLP is an innovative approach to natural language processing, allowing users to create expr

Nuance Dragon Professional

Create documents faster with Dragon Professional. Speech recognition technology is more efficient an


Gladia's Speech-to-Text API Alpha quickly and accurately converts audio recordings into text with Op

Textronics AI

Optimize customer service with automated conversations & features of Textronics AI. Streamline proce

Nuance Vocalizer

Revolutionize your content with Nuance Vocalizer's advanced text-to-speech technology. Natural, expr

Kaldi Speech-to-Text

Powerful speech recognition: Kaldi Speech-to-Text accurately converts spoken words into text with a

Linguamatics NLP

Unlock valuable insights from unstructured data with Linguamatics NLP - a powerful natural language


SEO summary: NaturalReader is a text-to-speech software to convert written text into natural soundin


Boost your voice AI applications with Picovoice – the world's leading platform for natural languag

Open Speech Recognition Toolkit

Open Speech Recognition Toolkit: open source, cross-platform solution for reliable speech-to-text tr


MacWhisper: The perfect transcription solution for Mac users. Quickly & easily transcribes audio to


Unlock your SEO potential with Ubersuggest: a powerful keyword research and insights tool.


Unlock the power of AI with DenoLyrics! Easily convert audio to text with our web application.


Create voice-enabled applications quickly and easily with SpeechGPT, an advanced AI and NLP service.

AI Lyrics Generator

Create unique, engaging lyrics with AI Lyrics Generator. Use cutting-edge AI technology to generate

AT&T Speech API

Create interactive, immersive experiences with AT&T Speech API. Leverage powerful text-to-speech & s


Create professional voiceovers with ease using Createaivoiceovers. Access a large library of profess