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How Bad Is Your Spotify?

Get an unbiased report of your music taste with How Bad Is Your Spotify? Discover new music, get per


Create music from lyrics or prompts.

Orb Producer

Create professional, high-quality music patterns and loops with Orb Producer's AI-powered suite. Inc


Create high-quality music with SongDonkey - AI-powered music production platform.

AnthemScore by Lunaverus

Create professional sheet music quickly and accurately with AnthemScore's AI-powered music transcrip

DrumBurst X-824

Create custom beats and rhythms with ease using the DrumBurst X-824, an innovative drum machine with


Discover new music with Pandora's 70+ million songs and personalized radio stations. Create custom p


Music creation platform with simple editing.

Jukebok by OpenAI

Create high-quality original music with OpenAI's Jukebox. AI-driven music generation and synthesis t

Arturia Drumbrute Impact

Create professional-sounding beats with the Arturia Drumbrute Impact drum machine. is an AI-powered audio platform that helps businesses streamline their audio workflow and m


Write perfect songs with AI-powered Lyrical Labs. Get creative inspiration and related words/phrases


Create natural-sounding vocal performances with Yamaha's VOCALOID6 software. Intuitive user interfac


Explore and experiment with AI-generated art on AIArt! Discover our diverse range of images, informa

Korg Gadget

Create professional-grade music with Korg Gadget: 50+ synthesizers, drum machines, effects, tools, s


Generated mood-based music playlists names.


Discover 30+ million songs, create custom playlists, and explore audio experiences on Audius.

Mix Check Studio

Analyzed audio feedback for music mixing.

Softube Modular

Explore the world of modular synthesis with Softube Modular, an advanced virtual modular synthesizer

Beatly Music AI

Discover the best of AI-generated music with Beatly Music AI. Our revolutionary AI-driven feature pr


LyricFind offers music fans and artists the ultimate source for song lyrics.

OpenAI MuseNet

Enhance your musical creativity with MuseNet - a powerful AI system that generates unique music comb


Music AI Analysis Engine to Understand Songs Better


Cosonify is the ultimate tool suite for songwriters and music producers, offering Researchboard, Ide

Chat Jams

Explore new music and create personalized playlists with Chat Jams AI-powered tool. Get the perfect


Create perfect music tracks with TuneFlow's AI-assisted composition tools. AI technology makes creat


Discover your favorite songs and find new ones with LyricsMode's extensive library and user-friendly

Trending sounds

Stay ahead of the music game with Trending Sounds! Get the hottest new sounds from around the world


Music composition for diverse projects.


Discover millions of songs to enjoy with Lyricsify! Our comprehensive music streaming service featur


Generate unique artist names with Artistator - an AI-powered tool designed to create memorable artis


Discover music by mood for Spotify based on tracks.


Create realistic vocal sounds with Emvoice One, the next-generation vocal synthesizer plugin (VST/AU

AI Jingle Generator

Create unique, memorable jingles for radio and podcast broadcasts with AI Jingle Generator. Easily c

Edge Dance

Create stunning dance videos with Edge Dance! AI-generated choreographies are smooth and expressive,

Drumloop AI

Create professional-grade drum loops quickly and easily with Drumloop AI - an AI-powered service tha


Optimize music production and performances with DeepBeat's AI-powered platform. Analyze songs quickl

SEO summary: Craft unique sounds with's music production tools. Professional-quality samp


Explore the depths of music with Songmeanings: an online community dedicated to music interpretation


Mobile music production w/ virtual festival & community.


Create professional-quality beats quickly and easily with Cassette AI. Its advanced AI and intuitive

Boomplay Music

Discover the ultimate digital music streaming platform: Boomplay Music.

Jarvis Lyrics

Unlock the stories behind your favorite songs with Jarvis Lyrics. With 4 million+ tracks, create pla


Unlock creative potential with Supertone - an AI audio tech startup that revolutionizes content crea

Infinite Drum Machine

Create and explore endless music-making possibilities with the Infinite Drum Machine, an AI-powered

Evoke Music

Find the perfect soundtrack for your project with Evoke Music's AI-powered library of 2 million+ pre

Learn Jazz Standards

Improve your jazz skills with Learn Jazz Standards! Get 500+ jazz standards, video lessons, and insi