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Unlock the power of data-driven decisions with Nostradamus.

Element AI

Element AI is an AI platform that makes it easy to develop, deploy and maintain AI solutions without


Boost productivity & accuracy in ML/AI workloads with IBM PowerAI. Latest AI techs incl. image/speec

Neural Designer

Neural Designer is an AI-powered software platform for data analysis, machine learning, and predicti

Deep Learning AI Services

Deep Learning AI Services offer cutting-edge AI capabilities to help businesses accelerate digital t

Adobe Sensei AI

Harness AI power with Adobe Sensei AI to gain real-time customer insights, automate processes, and c

Huawei HiAI Platform

Huawei HiAI Platform is a comprehensive AI development platform that simplifies building AI applicat

Open Text Analytics

Open Text Analytics is a BI tool that quickly and accurately interprets data from multiple sources,

Cinnamon AI

Cinnamon AI is a powerful AI platform to unlock data potential, create predictive models & advanced


Receipt management made simple. Save 95% of your time, no app download required.


InterpretML is an advanced ML platform that helps data scientists, ML engineers and developers gain


AI, developers can quickly and easily create engaging conversational experiences.Create engaging con


Wipro HOLMES AI is an AI platform that enables businesses to integrate AI into operations for automa


Develop applications quickly and securely with Accord open-source software framework. Enjoy powerful


Eliminate manual labor with Integromat's automated workflow solution. Connect various services, apps

Intel Optimized AI Platform

Intel Optimized AI Platform is an AI-focused platform designed to help developers, data scientists,


Unlock the power of research with DLib - the online library with full-text access to 4 million artic

Veritone AI

Optimize your business with Veritone AI: a cloud-based AI platform for data processing, machine lear

LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent

Create custom language models with LUIS to build smarter, more efficient applications. Leverage mach

Lobe AI

Training custom models with no code experience.

H2O AutoML

Create accurate and reliable models quickly with H2O AutoML. Automated machine learning platform sim


Metaflow is a powerful and efficient workflow management system designed to streamline app developme

Apache SINGA

SEO summary: Apache SINGA: open source deep learning library for developers to create, train & deplo

Unity ML-Agents

Unity ML-Agents enables developers to create intelligent agents powered by machine learning. Easy-to

SAS Visual Data Mining & Machine Le

Unlock actionable insights in data with SAS Visual Data Mining & Machine Learning.

CVAT – Computer Vision Annotation Tool

CVAT is the perfect tool for quickly and accurately annotating images and videos for machine learnin

Intel Movidius Neural Compute SDK

Create AI applications quickly and easily with Intel Movidius Neural Compute SDK.

Artificial Intelligence Software

Easily create intelligent apps and automate processes with the powerful AI system from AISoftware In

DeepBrain Chain AI

Revolutionize AI development, deployment, and trading with DeepBrain Chain AI.


Unlock the power of data with Lucy: an AI-powered platform that makes data analysis simpler and more

Hortonworks Data Platform

Optimize your data management with Hortonworks Data Platform. It collects, stores, processes and ana

Infosys NIA AI

Unlock valuable insights with Infosys NIA AI: an industry-leading AI platform with ML, predictive an

LUIS (Microsoft Azure)

Create powerful applications with LUIS - Azure-powered natural language processing service. Leverage

Torto AI

Gain a competitive edge with Torto AI's advanced AI services. Get predictive analytics, machine lear

Chooch AI

Chooch AI is an AI platform that offers powerful image and video analysis. Identify objects, people,

Watson Machine Learning

Unlock the potential of your data with Watson Machine Learning and drive better decisions.

Lexalytics Summarize

Create detailed summaries quickly and accurately with Lexalytics Summarize. Machine learning algorit

Apache Open NLP

Open NLP is an open-source natural language processing library providing developers with powerful to

Luminoso Compass

Luminoso Compass is an AI-powered analysis platform that helps businesses make sense of customer fee

Wizeline ML

Unlock maximum ROI with Wizeline ML. Our AI-driven technology trains models based on data for smarte

Facebook’s PyTorch

PyTorch is an open-source, deep learning platform designed to help developers create powerful machin

Tastekid AI

Discover something new with Tastekid AI: an AI-powered platform that offers tailored recommendations

Cloudera Machine Learning

SEO summary: Unlock the power of big data with Cloudera Machine Learning. Our integrated suite of po

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered conversational platform that helps businesses create natural,

Stanford CoreNLP

Stanford CoreNLP is a powerful open-source Java-based library to analyze text, extract information,

Apex AI

Apex AI is an AI platform designed to help businesses automate tasks and gain deeper insights. Lever