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Learn a new language quickly and effectively with, an AI-powered language learning plat

Poised 2.0

Improve your online meeting skills with Poised 2.0. Our AI-powered communication coach offers free a


GPT-4 is the latest advanced deep learning technology from OpenAI, enabling users to generate meanin

Audo AI

Unlock data insights with Audo AI's advanced machine learning algorithms. Get real-time analytics to


Learn a new language quickly and easily with BioLingo's interactive lessons, personalized feedback &

Textless NLP

Textless NLP is an innovative approach to natural language processing, allowing users to create expr

Translation Strings

Translation Strings offers accurate and reliable translations quickly, with tools and services like

Stanford CoreNLP

Stanford CoreNLP is a powerful open-source Java-based library to analyze text, extract information,

GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter by Dover

GPT-3 Job Description Rewriter by Dover is an AI-powered tool that quickly creates optimized job pos


Boost customer satisfaction with Emma, an AI-driven conversational platform powered by natural langu

Memejourney – ChatGPT for memes

Turn text into meme generation using ChatGPT, a midjourney for memes


Quickly and easily build LLM applications with 🤗 Transformers support using LMQL - a specialized

Mirror AI

Unlock creativity and unleash potential with Mirror AI, an AI-powered platform. Generate unique visu

Microsoft Kosmos-1

Microsoft Kosmos-1 is a cloud-based platform designed to enable developers to create and deploy dist


Become conversational in any language quickly with Speakly's engaging, interactive language-learning

Translate By Humans

Translate By Humans offers fast, accurate translations in over 70 languages for businesses, professi


900+ voices. 142+ languages. Audio shareable.

Google Translate

SEO summary: Unlock the world's languages with Google Translate. Get instant, accurate translations


Lionbridge is a global leader in language services and technology solutions, providing translation,


Gengo offers fast, accurate and cost-effective translation services for businesses and individuals i


FluentU is an amazing language learning platform designed to help you master any language. With Flue


SummarizeIt is an easy-to-use online tool to quickly and accurately generate summaries of articles,


Unlock AI potential today with Turing's revolutionary platform. Use powerful tools, like machine lea

Nuance TTS

Nuance TTS is a text-to-speech software solution that generates natural-sounding voices in multiple

Efficient and Intelligent Editing

SEO summary: Get perfect, polished work with Effidit's efficient and intelligent editing. AI-powered

Ivy Chatbot

Ivy Chatbot is an AI-powered digital assistant providing 24/7 automated customer service and support

Bing Translate

Bing Translate offers powerful translation services in multiple languages, including English, Spanis


Chatted with language models for research.

Nuance Mix

Nuance Mix is an AI-driven platform designed to create personalized experiences for customers. Lever


Stay connected on the go with Cordless: fast, reliable 300 Mbps internet, unlimited data, secure cov


Context-based keyboard for quick message responses.


SEO Specialist: Snowball AI is a free chatbot for WhatsApp, offering instant access to information &

Google GLaM

Develop sophisticated models quickly and easily with Google GLaM. Leverage AI advances to create, te

FreelancerFlow: GPT-4 Freelance Prompts

Boost your freelance success with FreelancerFlow's AI-driven GPT-4 tool.


Alpa is an AI-driven software solution designed to streamline your business operations. Automate dat

AWS Translate

Quickly and accurately translate text with AWS Translate: powerful AI-powered translation services f


Kaizena is the perfect platform for teachers and students to get feedback and guidance.


Cognitiv+ is an AI-driven software that helps businesses enhance customer experience.


Enhance your language skills with Conversly! AI-powered app provides interactive lessons, conversati


StableLM is a suite of advanced machine learning algorithms to create reliable NLP systems.

Finetuned Stable Diffusion

Finetuned Stable Diffusion is an advanced NLP service for developers to build and customize models f


Automated conversational customer service.

GPT-4 Demo

GPT-4 Demo is an easy-to-use tool for machine learning and natural language processing. Create compl


Improve English language skills with IELTS online platform. Interactive activities, practice tests,


Perspective is an AI-powered platform for detecting abusive language online. It uses advanced ML alg


Learn languages by conversing with immersive avatars.

Duolingo Max

Learn a language with Duolingo, an AI-powered tool offering bite-sized lessons and a tailored, dynam


Unlock the key to mastering a new language with Babbel: an innovative language-learning platform wit