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Create a personalized chatbot and explore thoughts/emotions with Ghola. AI-powered tool for secure,


Optimize medical coding process with MediCodio's powerful, intuitive software. Automated workflow so

Buoy Health

Empowering users to take control of their health, Buoy Health is an innovative digital platform prov


SEO summary: Get free, anonymous support for mental health with Wysa. Our AI coaches offer one-on-on


Maslo is an AI-powered customer service platform that automates and optimizes customer service. It u


Experience top-notch healthcare from board-certified doctors anytime, anywhere with HealthTap.


LifeOmic is an innovative platform that empowers individuals with the data and insights they need to

Managed medical knowledge for improved diagnosis.

Insight Timer

Explore 25,000 guided meditations from expert teachers, breathing exercises, mindful movement, posit


Get healthier on easy mode with your personal AI health coach

Conversa Health

Improve health & wellness with Conversa Health: AI-driven platform offering personalized health coac


Unlock your health potential with Livin3. Personalized assessments, actionable plans and tailored co

Medical Chat

SEO summary: Revolutionize healthcare w/ Medical Chat AI chatbot. Powered by GPT tech, it answers co


Unlock your potential and maximize longevity with Centenarian, an ultra-personalized sleep coaching


Earkick Workplace Mental Health helps employers monitor employee mental health in real-time, providi

Longevity Compass AI

Gain optimal health and longevity with Longevity Compass AI. Our AI-driven system creates personaliz

Faith Forward

Stay connected to your faith anytime, anywhere with Faith Forward. Download now and get personalized

Law Ruler

Law Ruler is the ultimate all-in-one software for law firms. Streamline processes, increase efficien


Improve mental wellbeing with Flourish Technologies: AI-powered self-therapy app featuring Fleur, th

Ask Poppy

Get 24/7 personalized text-based support with Poppy! She's your go-to friend to chat with, listen wi


Lantern is a web-based project management tool for teams of all sizes. Easily manage tasks, deadline


Mindsum AI is a conversational AI platform offering quick and accurate answers to mental health-rela


Calmerry is an online mental health platform providing personalized services to help people manage t


AI WOD is the perfect solution for personalized, efficient workouts tailored to your fitness level.


Stay fit and healthy with FitWizard! Our convenient online program offers personalized fitness plans


Empower women to manage fibroids with TranquilFibroids' comprehensive approach.

Happy Mama

Get quick, reliable answers to any of your pregnancy questions 24/7 from


SEO summary: AnalyzGPT is a powerful AI-powered service for medical professionals. Our revolutionary


Improve legal team organization with CaseFleet: cloud-based case mgmt, digital evidence mgmt, task m


Create balanced, delicious meals with MealMate's AI-based meal planning tool. Quickly generate perso


Increase your fitness goals with Jefit! Our comprehensive app helps you track workouts, set goals, a


Boost sales with Finiite AI: Intelligent deep learning personalization software for online retailers


Self-care app detects patterns & insights in journaling.

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MedGPT – AI Medication Guide

AI-powered MedGPT app helps healthcare professionals stay informed with up-to-date medication info.


SEO Specialist: Improve healthcare outcomes with Chronic Diseases AI. Powered by AI, this advanced s


Upheal is a powerful smart platform designed to help you make the most of digital meetings. It captu

Mood AI by Mindset

Inspiring wellness audio by experts and celebs.


SEO summary: Increase your wellbeing with Calm, the leading mindfulness and meditation app. Enjoy gu


Unlock the power of Strava to track your progress, join challenges, race virtually, and find new wor


Medinav is an AI-powered medical assistant that simplifies patient documentation. With advanced AI t

Dr Gupta AI

Get personalized health & wellness recommendations with Dr Gupta AI.


Litify is the ideal solution for legal teams, providing an intuitive platform to streamline case man