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LinkedIn GPT Assistant by Dex

Maximize your LinkedIn presence with Dex's GPT Assistant! Automate tedious tasks, craft compelling p


Hyper-personalized email outreach icebreakers.

Altera AI

Boost sales on LinkedIn with Altera AI: an AI-powered Chrome extension that creates hyper-personaliz

Localio AI

Localio AI is an advanced AI tool designed to simplify copywriting for digital marketing services.


Grow your business with WhatsGPT, the ultimate suite of marketing tools. Create stunning emails, res


Optimize productivity with Sahha's AI-powered assistant. Automate mundane tasks like scheduling, rem


Streamlined email organization and drafting.


Save time and simplify email-writing with LazyReply. AI-powered technology generates custom email re


SEO summary: Adool simplifies ad campaigns with intuitive dashboard, drag & drop interface, and powe and receive automated responses to their emails. It uses natural language processing (NLP) t

Hoppy Copy

Platform for generating email marketing copy.


EmailOctopus is a simplified AI email automation platform that helps you grow a comprehensive lead g

Email Wizardry: Prompts for Conv. Emails

Save time and money with Email Wizardry: Prompts for Conv.


Generated email content for marketing.

Linked XP

Optimize your LinkedIn presence with Linked XP! AI-powered micro-app helps you create standout profi

Magic Email

Craft sophisticated, personalized emails quickly and easily with Magic Email's intuitive interface,


Galeby is an online tool to maximize businesses' presence & visibility. Create, manage & optimize we

ChatGPT LinkedIn Email Generator

Find emails for any LinkedIn profile with ChatGPT's AI-powered LinkedIn Email Generator.


Grow your email campaigns with Infomail.Ai: create personalized emails, segment contacts, track perf


Assisting with email communication to improve outcomes.


Warmestai is an AI-powered email assistant that saves time and effort. ChatGPT technology creates cu

Linkedin Posts Generator

Create engaging Linkedin posts quickly with Linkedin Post Generator.


DraftMate is the perfect AI-powered writing assistant to create error-free, tailored content quickly


Klynk is a powerful AI-driven tool designed specifically for GTM teams. Create customized, data-driv

Craft powerful, converting cold emails in one click with AI-powered email automation. Chrome Extensi

Professionalize It To Me

Create perfect emails quickly and easily with E-mail Generator. Supports 6 languages and optimized f


Assisted writing for online text boxes.


Easily write personalized, relevant emails with EmoGPT, the free Google Chrome extension powered by


AIssistify is a powerful AI Assistant designed to automate Sales, Marketing & RevOps operations.


Boost sales and increase conversion rates with Aco's AI-powered chatbot. Engage customers with natur


MailMaestro is an AI-powered tool that makes email writing easy. Create personalized, professional e

AI Mail Assistant

Revolutionize email management with ChatGPTâ„¢ for Gmailâ„¢. AI-powered tool summarizes emails, gene


Organize tasks, projects, goals with Lean-to: comprehensive productivity platform with powerful repo

Einstein GPT

Unlock actionable insights from customer data with Salesforce Einstein. Advanced ML algorithms and N


Smartlead makes it easy to send cold emails and connect with potential customers. Automate your outr

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot offers an AI-driven assistant to help teams quickly find the right info and re

Easy Reply Gmail Extension

Save time and streamline your inbox with Easy Reply's powerful Gmail extensions. Create custom templ

LinkedIn Comment AI

Increase engagement and get more out of your time spent on LinkedIn with the free daily comments pow