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Ai Mafia

Gain AI knowledge and skills with Ai Mafia: online community of professionals and freelancers dedica

Brain Builder

Discover Brain Builder, an innovative learning platform that helps people of all ages and background


Optimize college search and application process with ES.AI's innovative AI tools, personalized recom


SEO Specialist: Chat2Course is an online course builder and AI tutor that helps you tailor learning

Grammar AI

Grammar AI is an AI-powered English learning platform for all levels. Tailored learning experiences


Twee is the ideal AI-powered tool for English teachers to quickly generate engaging lessons.


ELI5 provides an interactive education assistant to simplify complex topics.


Crossplag's AI Content Detector uses machine learning algorithms and ChatGPT detection technology to


Revolutionize the way you get answers with Ask2End, the AI-powered question and answer tool.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids offers award-winning educational programs to help children ages 2-7 build strong f


Knowji is the ideal tool for busy professionals, students, and lifelong learners to learn and retain

Heights Platform

AI Builds Online Courses - ChatGPT for Creators and Coaches


Unlock your creative potential with Inspiro. Generate personalized quotes tailored to your interests


Gradescope: Save time and reduce grading errors with an intuitive suite of tools for creating, assig


Tutorlyai is an AI-powered app for students to get tailored explanations, guidance, and answers for


Improve English language skills with IELTS online platform. Interactive activities, practice tests,


LorroPage is an AI-powered language learning tool that helps users become fluent English speakers qu

Buo – Chat with AI Brain

Buo is a smart chat app that uses AI technology. Chat the future now!


Unlock learning potential with ClassDojo! Engage students, keep parents informed and create an enjoy


Improved productivity through task management.


Create the perfect learning experience with LearnPlan - an innovative platform that puts syllabus cr


Personalized study materials and quizzes.


Intuitive gestural learning of interconnected ideas.

Stable Diffusion Videos

Gain access to an extensive library of educational video content for all skill levels with Stable Di

Learning Bird

Unlock educational success with Learning Bird: an online learning platform tailored to students of a


Learn a new language quickly and effectively with Gliglish! Get personalized language lessons tailor

Adobe Captivate

Create engaging and effective learning experiences with Adobe Captivate. Easily design interactive m


Parentivity offers comprehensive AI-driven parenting solution to help families nurture children's de


SEO summary: GoGuardian is an educational service designed to help teachers protect and empower stud


SEO summary: ITranslate: Comprehensive language translation service offering quick & accurate transl

PaLM 2

Language modeling generates code for reasoning.

Fun Education

Fun Education provides engaging, stimulating activities to make learning fun and interactive.

Learn Prompting

Learn Prompting is an online learning platform providing comprehensive resources and support to help


Assisted resource creation and assessment for educators.


Automated quiz generation software.


Udacity is an online learning platform offering courses in a wide range of topics. With personalized


Learn a variety of languages quickly and easily with Squiglit. Our online platform offers immersive

Spoken language learning app with instant feedback.


Secure, fast AI detection: AICheatCheck offers a convenient, reliable way for educators to detect AI


Speed-read articles with synthesized voices.


CheggMate is the perfect online tutoring platform for students.


Learn 14 languages with Lingobo! Get personalized feedback and guidance from experienced language co


LearnLingo is an AI-powered conversational tool that helps users become better communicators in any

Brain Buddy

Boost your academic success with Brain Buddy's personalized tutoring and AI-driven learning system.

DoubtClear AI

Get fast and reliable homework help with DoubtClear AI, the ultimate AI-powered solution for student